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Children's Church Update

Hey Parents,

Children’s church is a win-win. By having a place for kids during the church service parents can more easily focus and get a lot more out of the message. Kids get to have an environment that connects with their learning level with hands-on Bible activities.

In 2019 we had Children’s Church on the 2nd-4th Sunday of every month but did not have children’s church on the 1st or 5th  Sundays. This was needed to give leaders time to participate in worship, but made it harder on families during those weeks and led to some confusion by not having one consistent weekly schedule.

The Children’s Ministry Team is happy to announce that going into this new year we have resolved this challenge by adding a new Children’s Church leader for the first Sunday of the month and a adding very exciting new Family Worship we’ll be offering every 5th Sunday in 2020.

New Children's Church Leader

We are excited to announce that Pam Jackson is coming on board as a new Children’s Church leader. We’ll be doing something a little different on 5th Sundays (see below), but for every ordinary Sunday we will have Children’s Church!

1st Sunday: Pam Jackson
2nd Sunday: Anna Hebert & Matt Calhoun
3rd Sunday: Brenda Rios & Matt Calhoun
4th Sunday: Laura Avent Holt & 
Matt Calhoun

Fifth Sunday Family Worship

For our Fifth Sundays  we will be trying something new. On these Sundays we won’t offer a separate children’s church for children in elementary school, but instead craft a family friendly worship service that is geared to be engaging for both adults and children.  Our recent First Sunday of Advent worship service was a trial run at this type of service. For that service we had a hands-on activity in decorating the tree, familiar (Christmas) music, and used an object lesson in the sermon to engage kid’s attention. Pastor Ernie brought a wrapped present and showed it to the kids in the sermon and referenced it for each point of his sermon. At the end of the service the kids came to the front and opened the present to receive a gift (a chocolate Advent calendar). We won’t use these same exact elements for every Family Worship Service, but instead we will try to ensure that each service includes several elements to engage children in worship. We want them to feel that they matter and that church is for them too!  Here are a few examples of ideas we may try this year:
  • Kids involved in leading (ie. performing songs, reciting scripture etc.)
  • Creative communication (ie. skits, videos, etc.)
  • Approachable Sermon Style (ie. shorter, tag-team, etc.)
  • Approachable Sermon Topic (topics that kids and adults can relate to)
  • Kid Approved Music (Carefully select songs that are engaging to kids and adults)

Fifth Sunday Family Worship Schedule

Mark your calendars for these fifth Sundays. Bring your family (and friends) to experience worship in a style that will be fun for the whole family!
  • March 29
  • May 31
  • August 30
  • November 29
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