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Family Sunday May

Join us for Family Sunday (Online) at Haven

We are having Family Sunday on May 31. Pastor Ernie & Josh aren’t smashing eggs or dancing this time, but we do have a bunch of fun ways to help children, youth, (and adults too) connect in Worship. A couple of these require your help. We’d really appreciate you taking the time to prepare for the craft and help us tell the Bible story of Pentecost.

What Will be Different?

The Story of Pentecost

In addition to being Family Sunday, this is also Pentecost Sunday.

We would love for the children to help tell the Bible story of Pentecost! Can you help? Please record a video of yourself asking your kid(s) the following questions. We’ll combine these videos and edit the kids responses together to tell one cohesive story. We will edit out the parents speaking, so go ahead and ask the questions on the video.

If you’d like to review the Pentecost story first, you can find it in Acts 2. But don’t worry if some answers aren’t perfect. It’s OK to make wrong guesses as well as correct answers. Once you are done email your video to [email protected] as soon as possible.

Questions for the Video

  • What had just happened before Pentecost?
  • Where were the disciples at Pentecost?
  • What did the disciples HEAR at Pentecost?
  • (The Believers heard what sounded like a loud wind) What you do you think that sounded like? (Please encourage acting it out)
  • What did the Believers SEE at Pentecost?
  • (The disciples saw what looked like tongues of fire) What you think this looked like? (Please encourage acting it out)
  • What did the Believers do after this?
  • The Believers spoke in languages they didn’t know through the Holy Spirit. Could you try that and speak in another language now?
  • What did people do when they heard the Believers preaching?
  • Say goodbye

A Family Craft

During the service we will have a craft time where Pastor Ernie and myself try to put together a craft. We hope your family can join in! Here is what you will need:

  1. Print a copy of this template to use
  2. Red construction paper (1 sheet per participant)
  3. Orange construction paper (1 sheet per participant)
  4. Yellow construction paper (1 sheet per participant)
  5. Any color construction paper (1 sheet per participant)
  6. If you don’t have construction paper, you can use white printer paper and color it using crayons or colored pencils
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue


How do I watch?

There are two ways to watch live:

  1. Watch online on Facebook Live. This is recommended so you can engage with others by posting comments, uploading photos, and letting Pastor Ernie and Josh know who you think is the better dancer. Be sure to like our Facebook Page to be notified when we go live.
  2. Watch here on the website on the LIVE page.

What if I don't Have Kids?

This message and service is for everyone! We believe that children, youth, and adults of all ages will enjoy the service and be blessed by sharing in the joy kids participating in worship.

Is this a separate worship service?

No, this will be in our regular Sunday morning worship service at 10:00 AM. 

Will there be Food?

Hopefully! You’ll be meeting in your own home so we highly encourage you to have a bunch of snacks on hand to get the most out of Family Sunday.

Family Sunday

Date: May 31
Time: 10:00 AM
How to Watch:
Watch online on the website or facebook.

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