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Haven Fellowship Church, Conyers GA

Holy Wednesday Conyers GA

Join us Wednesday, April 5th for a midweek service remembering Jesus’ last supper. We’ll have music, foot washing, communion, and a devotional.

Christ's Last Meal

Our Church verse at Haven is John 13:34 and our goal is to live by Jesus’ commandment to love one another. On the night Jesus was arrested he washed his disciples’ feet embodying love and service. He broke bread and raised the cup representing his broken body and shed blood on the cross.

As you prepare for Easter, we invite you to slow down and reflect on Christ’s love. To remember how he washed his disciples’ feet. To join at the table and take communion as we reflect on Christ’s last meal and remember how his body was broken for us and his blood shed for us.

In the midst of Easter celebrations, we pause and reflect on Christs sacrifice for us. We’ll have foot washing and share in the Lord’s supper in a casual but reflective environment.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another..”

Holy Week Schedule

For our Holy Wednesday service we are remembering the events of Thursday, often called Maundy Thursday. Here is an outline of the events which occured during Holy Week. 

Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entry
Monday: Jesus Clears the Temple
Tuesday: Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives
Wednesday: Judas agrees to betray Jesus
Thursday: Last Supper 
Friday: Jesus is Crucified
Saturday: Jesus is in the Grave
Easter Sunday: Jesus is Resurrected


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