Mother's Day Kids Video - Haven Fellowship Church

Hey parent's we'd love for your kids to be part of the worship service on Mother's Day!

Can you record a video of your kids for the worship service on Sunday, May 9th? We want to share a video of the kids passing an envelope to one another through the screen as a fun way to get kids involved on Mother’s Day.

You can get an envelope at church this Sunday, April 25th or we can bring/mail it to your house. Either way, once you have the envelope you can record the video, submit it, and then watch as we play the video in worship on Mother’s Day.

How to record a video for Mother's Day at Haven

Thanks so much for being part of the Haven Family! We want to feature the kids in a special Mother's Day video. Here a few easy steps to record and submit a video.

Happy Mothers Day
Total Time Needed: 15 minutes
Total Cost: 0 USD

Required Tools:

- A Cell Phone
- Internet Connection.

Things Needed?

- A Kid (5th grade and younger)
- Someone to Record the Video
- Someone to Pass the Envelope

Steps to Recording and Submitting the Video

Step 1: Get the Envelope
Pick up an envelope in-person at Haven on Sunday, April 25 or we can mail it or bring it to you at your house.
Step 1 Get an Envelope
Step 2: Record the Video
Pick a spot with decent lighting where you can record. Somewhere in your home or yard to help us connect with your family in a personal would be great. Or go crazy and record the video in a park, walking the dog, or out at a restaurant. Record the video receiving and passing the envelope going both directions (watch the demonstration video above to see this in practice). You can hand the envelope or toss it. I'll be editing this in the end so if a parent or sibling is at the edge of the video or walks across the screen I can edit that out. Just be sure to have a clear view of each child getting the envelope from their right and left and passing/tossing the evelope to the right and the left.
Step 2 Record the Video
Step 3: Upload the Video
On the phone you recorded the video with open the OneDrive Link you received by email or text. If you haven't received this link, email Josh at [email protected] and he'll send you the link. When you open the OneDrive link, click on the three little dots to open the window and click on "upload." Select the video file and upload it. If possible, please email or text Josh to let him know you submitted the video.
Step 3 Upload
Step 4: Watch the Video
We'll premiere the video as part of a special message to moms on Mother's Day Sunday, May 9th. You can watch at our in-person service or online.
Step 4 Watch
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