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An In-depth Bible Study on the Book of Revelation

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Do You Want to Understand Revelation?

A Nine-Week In-Depth Bible Study of the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation can be a challenging book to understand. Sometimes we think we need to interpret it to see how it is playing out in history in our own time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes we strip away the elements of prophecy and are left with a book which says something about Christians from history but misses the very revelation of God that the early church found within this book.

Join along in weekly study of Revelation and come to understand the book of Revelation and what God is saying through it in a whole new way. Each week we’ll offer three video-based studies to help you read the book for yourself and reach your own conclusions on interpretation.

We’ll be starting this study on Monday, January 31st releasing new content throughout the following nine weeks.

Revelation 11-13

The 1,260 Days

Revelation 14-16

The Seven Last Plagues

Revelation 20

The Millennium

Revelation 21-22

The New Creation