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Sharing God's love
Sharing God's love
Barbara Kitchens
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There is a wonderful group of people here sharing God’s love. This is a very inclusive church for all to share and learn about God’s word.
I absolutely love our church
I absolutely love our church
Kayla Harris
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I have been a member oh Haven for a while now. I absolutely love our church. It is the most family feeling church I have ever been to. Our son has been there is whole life and has made such good friends.
You can sit with us
You can sit with us
Kim Polston
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Haven is just what the word implies .... a safe place. The love this church has for our community and our church family is overwhelming. I am blessed and beyond grateful to call Haven Fellowship my families church home. You CAN sit with us, we will always have an open seat for you! ❤️

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