Sermon: Make Your Circle Bigger - Haven Fellowship Church - Conyers


Haven Fellowship Church, Conyers GA

June 2, 2019

Make Your Circle Bigger

Pastor Ernie Forrester | Haven Fellowship Church, Conyers, GA

Ernie Forrester



Jesus prays for “those who believe.”  It’s about hearing and believing.  

How did we come to be involved at church. Someone told us. Someone told them. It goes all the way back to the disciples.

These disciples who were so afraid began to share their good news. And that is how belief comes about. People sharing what they know with others.


The second thing Jesus prayed about was oneness.

Oneness can mean a lot of things to many people.  It can be like close friendship.  

Oneness is the idea that I am one in mind and spirit with God. I keep trying to here that still small voice.  Oneness is the first step towards unity. It’s not about dogma or doctrine, it’s about grace, love and prayer. It’s about our souls being together in God’s love.


The third thing that Jesus prays is unity.

Unity is being united as a whole. Can we say that for Christians? No, we are divided many ways. It’s like we create ways to be divided. That’s not what Jesus wanted.

Are the fields ripe to harvest? If no- then what is our purpose? If yes than what are we going to do about it? We need a bigger plan. Are we going to work with the same diligence to bring people in?


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